Welcome to the Millis Public Schools Help Desk. We look forward to helping you resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

If you are a student you can click the button below to create a new account.

If you are a teacher here for the first time and need to create a ticket then enter your school email and password provided in earlier email.  Clicking forgot password will send you an email password reset.  Note, you will get locked out after 5 failed attempts.

Students (teachers/staff) please note that your Google password is your old SSO password. If you do not remember or know the password then click the following link that will take you to a google form with instructions:

If there is a known issue, then that is what you will see here with this welcome message.

If you are having a copier issue then include your Key Card's 5 digit number in the ticket.  If you are having a phone issue, then include your phone's extension as well as room location in the ticket.

Please note that if you are having an issue connecting to a particular website then it's possible you have a browser cache issue.  In that case clear your cache or try a different browser.  

Note many hardware issues are simply resolved by restarting your device. If the issue persist then please create a ticket.

Staff/Teachers take note: Powerschool/PowerTeacher passwords are set to change every 180 days. A good time to reset your password is at the end of the school year, as well as before the start of winter vacation. If you have not followed this schedule then please take appropriate steps.
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